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“You were born for greatness. Don’t settle for less”

My Story

 A Ship’s Captain turned Investment Banker turned Leadership Coach.
That’s the best way to describe my professional journey
I help CXOs profitably navigate cyclones of organizational changes especially during times of increased uncertainty
That’s the best way to describe what I do as a professional
Proud father of 2 awesome boys. A blogger. A painter. 4-times TEDx Speaker
That’s the best way to describe my personal life and other interests
I have recently been featured as Top 200 Global Thought Leaders To Follow In 2022 by peopleHum, a leading HR portal
I have about 26 years of diverse professional experience in across shipping and financial services. 15 years with Anglo-Eastern Ship Management as a sailor. 9 years with Goldman Sachs as Senior Vice-President.
I am an accredited PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level coach with ICF. I have trained directly by John Mattone (former coach of Steve Jobs). My clients include leaders across industries such as finance, shipping and technology.
Harsh Kumar Johari is a registered business with a wealth of experience across various industries. His expertise lies in effectively guiding entrepreneurs and professionals through leadership management challenges and more. Through his guidance, clients are empowered to achieve their goals with clarity and purpose.
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During my shipping career, I have been an advanced fire fighter, a medical practitioner and an expert in survival & rescue. I have fought a major fire on a ship, conducted rescue operations at sea, encountered sea-pirates & dealt with major storms in the ocean. High seas taught me skills which no classroom or corporate job can teach.
Enough about me, now over to you.
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