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Culture Consulting

Several organizations fail in the long run due incongruence between their culture and values

Culture Consulting & Surveys – Going Beyond People Surveys

I provide consulting and coaching services to organizations to help develop, coach and reinforce company’s core culture and values within the organization. I also conduct culture surveys for organizations to help understand what’s working well and what’s not working well within the culture of the organization. These surveys go way beyond the traditional people surveys and highlight softer challenges within the culture of an organization

The Happiness at Work Cultural Survey utilizes the latest in wellbeing research methodology.

This model is based on a thorough understanding of the interconnections between individuals and organizations and identifies the changes that will create a happier and more productive workplace.

Happiness and well-being at work is about both how people experience their working lives (experience of work) and how they actually do their work (functioning at work). Experience and functioning are interconnected, and when both are going well employees thrive; they are not only happier in their jobs but they also do a better job.

People’s happiness and well-being at work is also based on two different factors: where they work (the organizational system) and who they are (their personal resources).

It is through a better understanding of these interconnections that individuals and organizations can identify the softer cultural challenges within and identify the changes that will have the most positive impact on both happiness at work and organizational performance. The survey can highlight

Science of Happiness Workshops

I also conduct exclusive happiness and wellbeing workshops for employees. Employee Happiness is the next level of Employee Engagement !! Engagement without happiness may not be sustainable in the long run. Happier employees mean :

 Higher productivity
 Greater levels of engagement
 Greater motivation levels
 Higher degree of collaboration
 Higher retention rates
 Employee-centric brand image

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