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Compass Leadership Development Program | Compass Leadership Advisors By Harsh Johari


For leaders who want to lead boldly and leave legacy behind

The most comprehensive program to help you profitably navigate cyclones of organizational changes
especially during times of increased uncertainty

Discover a powerful process to lead boldly with 100% clarity, empathy and passion even during
times of uncertainty

Imagine you are the Captain of a ship in the middle of the ocean.

Your ship’s GPS loses the signal. You don’t have a back GPS onboard.

You are now stranded in the middle of nowhere.

This is what happened when the current crisis hit us early this year.

Somehow, you have managed to keep your ship afloat in the last 9 months. But it was not easy.

Keeping teams engaged, managing expectations from multiple stakeholders and trying to grown your business – seems like a lot to manage.

At the end of the day, you might be feeling the strain.

Then there would be times when you feel totally stretched and overwhelmed with all that is happening around? Maybe worried about your own future ?

It’s totally understandable and natural to feel that way.

Let me ask you one question – have you even had a chance to speak to someone in confidence about how you have been feeling all this while ?

My guess is probably not, but I may be completely wrong.

However, it is not over as yet. The big question is What Next ?

You have come this far, but you have not yet reached the destination. There is still uncertainty ahead of you.

But remember, every crisis brings new opportunities. How do you show up now will make all the difference – to you, your teams, and in your business.

Now is the time to take total control. Show up powerfully. Be bold. Inspire. All this while remaining grounded.

What is this program all about?

The Compass Leadership Program is a unique 4-step coaching program designed specifically to help anxious and overwhelmed leaders gain 100% clarity and confidence in these uncertain times so that they can lead boldly, become future-ready and grow their business.

The program is delivered through 12 personal coaching sessions over a period of 3 months. Each session would be of 60-90 min duration.

Who is program meant for ?

This program NOT meant for everyone. It is meant only for leaders who :
Want to get out of their comfort zone

Are willing to look deep inside, introspect and get uncomfortable

Are ready to take action

Are willing to be vulnerable and open up

Want to leave a strong and powerful legacy behind

Are willing to challenge the status quo

Inspire and want to be inspired

Are willing to let go. Of old habits, old ways of working and thinking

Think and dream big. Bold. Have a grand vision

Are ready to admit they are wrong. Ready to accept their mistakes

Want to lead with purpose, trust and courage

Program Benefits

You will grow. Your teams will grow. Your business will grow

You will develop heightened sense of self-awareness as a leader. Self-awareness gives you the ability to make the right choices and decisions

You will develop greater level of confidence and certainty in times of uncertainty. You will know exactly what to do next for yourself and your business

You will become more resourceful and resilient as a leader. You will be ready to face any uncertainty in the future. You will be future-ready

You will develop an unshakable sense of self-belief. You will overcome all your self-doubts and limiting beliefs so that nothing can come in your way

You will develop a positive, agile and growth mindset. In these chaotic times, you will lead your teams and business towards growth and prosperity

You will be able to use creative imagination to solve business problems from a completely new lens

You will learn how to lead with passion, empathy and true intent. You will be able to connect with your teams in a real and authentic manner

You will also learn how to create the right balance between personal and professional life

You will learn how to think beyond functional boundaries and develop big picture thinking

You will develop a personalized development plan to bring your learning into action. Only when you take action is when you get different results


Feeling anxious and worried about the future of your teams and business? Let’s talk