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Anchoring and Leadership

During my sailing days, anchoring a ship was a common operation

Ships usually drop anchor when they have to wait in a place e.g. outside a port to get a free berth

Sometimes, ship’s drop anchor to reduce speed in an emergency e.g. to avoid a collision with another ship

Now anchoring is a very critical operation and if not executed properly, it can cause an accident

Interestingly, the size of the anchor as compared to the overall size of the ship is very small

But it still prevents the ship from drifting away

FYI, the weight of an anchor is usually 5-15 tonnes, whereas the weight of a ship could be as high as 50,000 tonnes and more

The weight of the anchor, the anchor chain, the seabed, the weather conditions – all play an important role in holding a ship in position

Why am I telling you this?

Because as a leader, you need to find YOUR OWN ANCHOR

Something which holds you true and authentic to your cause

Something which keeps you well grounded, especially in times of 





When the chips are down

When things are not going your way 

Just like the ship’s anchor which helps to keep the ship in position

This is a very important aspect of self-awareness as a leader and is foundational in nature

Your anchor could be..

Your strong sense of purpose

Your true intention as a leader

Your values

Serving others and creating new opportunities for people

Giving back to the community

A personal anchor such as your family

Whatever it is for you, anchoring yourself helps you to balance your thought, your emotions and feelings

Many a times, our intentions and results are not aligned

Your anchor helps you align your actions and decisions with your intention, so that you get the desired results

It provides a strong sense of personal commitment so that nothing can come in your way

And most importantly…

It stops you from drifting in rough times

When the going is tough, how do you respond to situations?

Do you let your feelings and emotions take control and drift away or do you remain well anchored?

Just like an anchor at sea prevents the ship from drifting away

So here’s something for you to reflect upon:

What is your anchor as a leader?

What keeps you aligned to your true intention?

What causes your intentions and results NOT to be aligned?


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