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Create this list NOW !!

Sometime back, I had written about time management and creating a “Not-to-do” list
This was a list of things you will NOT do, in order to manage your time better
Today, I will share another simple yet actionable idea to create a powerful list
A Come what may list
This is the list of things you can commit to doing, come what may !
In other words, these are things you will do, no matter what happens
This is your non-negotiable list
..No excuses, no distractions
..No need for anyone to motivate you
..No need of any reminders
..Not worrying about the consequences
You will work on these things come what may
The origin of this phrase goes back to the Shakespearean era, when this phrase was used in the play Macbeth
“Come what come may,Time and the hour runs through the roughest day.” ~ Macbeth Act 1, Scene 3
In that scene, this phrase was used to mean "whatever is going to happen is going to happen"
Over time, the phrase transformed into an alternate meaning – doing something with such a sense of determination and purpose that nothing can come in the way
..No matter what challenges you encounter
..No matter how tough the road ahead seems
You will still pursue your goal
That’s the true essence of a come what may list
If you have to do it, you will do it. Period
Let me also talk about the importance of this list 

Why should you engage in this exercise ?

You see....

Lack of commitment is one of the biggest challenges in real life

You want to do so many things, but you are not truly committed to them

The first sign of an obstacle, the first sign of failure and you tend to run away

You start making excuses, you start finding alternatives and options

You start telling stories to yourself - why you can't do something

As a consequence, not much changes in your life and your goals remain a distant dream

This is where this list comes into the picture

Let me also tell you that creating this list does require some reflective thinking, because it is a matter of commitment

It's not simply a list

It's a list of commitments, come what may
The list need not be long – it should contain maybe 2-3 things only from different aspects of your personal and professional life
Here are some ideas for you to begin with.
Come what may, I will work on improving my relationship with………. ( name a person )
Come what may, I will take care of my personal wellbeing by…… ( write an action )
Come what may, I will learn….. ( identify a skill )
Come what may, I will…..( write a goal )
Once you have identified your come-what-may list, the next step naturally is to identify what might come in the way and how you can deal with it !
What challenges and obstacles do you foresee in your pursuit ?
What will you do to deal with these challenges ?
Let me give you a simple example :
Let’s say you are truly committed to improving your health and you say :
Come what may, I will take care of my health
The challenge you foresee is a common one – lack of time. You have a busy schedule
But since it is a matter of commitment, you don’t have to commit hours and hours towards it
You have to commit to something which you can respect and honor no matter what
You can commit to maybe 15-20 min per day – that's it. But this has to be non-negotiable
So now you can take a stand :
Come what may, I will take care of my health by spending 15-20 min per day on walking ( or running or whatever physical activity you want to do )
Hope you get the point
Over to you now
Go back, take some time out when possible and create your come what may list
I would love to know your experience if you are able to indulge in the exercise


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