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Comfort zone

Want to get out of your comfort zone ??

“I feel that I am not pushing myself enough” he said
“Why do you say so?” I asked him
“Well, I feel that I am very comfortable where I am today. I am doing well in my career, I am earning well.

Everything seems to have settled down” he responded

“So what’s the problem?” I probed

He thought for a moment and then replied “I don’t think I am living up to my true potential”
“I can do so much more” he continued "I just know it !"
“So what’s stopping you from doing more?” I challenged him
“I think I am in my comfort zone” he responded
These were the excerpts from a coaching session with a client sometime back
He is a senior leader in the technology domain - fairly successful in this career, well-known and respected in the industry
And he is not alone in feeling that way....

In my coaching experience, I have seen that many leaders reach a point where they don’t feel challenged enough
You feel that you are in your comfort zone – everything has fallen in place, settled
Work is like a routine


There is a sense of unease
You can do so much more. You know it

The truth is that whatever is making you comfortable is also holding you back from growth

So how to deal with this situation ?
How to really push yourself outside the comfort zone ?
Here are 5 powerful questions to reflect upon - the responses to these questions can help you create the awareness and the corresponding action
Question 1

If you feel comfortable wherever you are today, what is the cost of comfort?
Cost of comfort can also be interpreted as "lost opportunity" cost
When you get too comfortable, you stop taking risks. You stop reaching out. You stop challenging yourself
In short....

You stop creating new opportunities for yourself

Which means that somewhere down the line, you are losing out on something
So think of this cost of comfort both in terms of tangible and intangible ways
The other way to look at this question is this :
Because you are in your comfort zone, what are you NOT able to do today?
Complete this sentence : I am not able to___________

Question 2
When you look at the long term cost of comfort, how does it make you feel ?

Think of the cost of comfort in the long run. That’s the key
If you continue operating the way you are, where are you headed for ?
This question can be a powerful reminder that if you remain where you are, what will you eventually miss out on
Sometimes, we don’t realize what we are losing on a daily basis, until we step back and see a broader picture

Question 3
If you continue doing what you are doing today for the rest of your life, will you have any regrets?
The chances are that you will, right ? 

Most of the times, we know what we want

We know what we truly desire

But for some or the other reason, we don’t go for it
And eventually, we end up having regrets
So by reflecting on this question today, you can know what regrets you will have down the line
You will also come to know whether you really want to have those regrets or not
Question 4 

Look at your responses to questions 2 and 3 above and then reflect on this next question :
If you don’t want to have any regrets....

If you don’t want to pay that long term cost of comfort....

What is the smallest action you can take now ? 

Because you are in your comfort zone, you will resist any form of change
Hence the call for the smallest action - whatever you can do with least resistance and no excuses

Question 5 

Again, look at your responses to questions 2 and 3 above and then reflect on this final question :
If you don’t want to have any regrets....

If you don’t want to pay that long term cost of comfort....

What risks are you willing to take ?

The fear of losing something we already have holds us back from taking any new risks 

Hence, this is a really powerful question to push you out there - what are you willing to risk ??

It does not mean you have to take that risk

It simply brings an awareness that if you want to create something new, you have to let go of something you have

The choice to do it or not will still remain with you - risk v/s regret

So go back and spend some time reflecting on these 5 questions and then see what comes up for you 

I would love to know your experience, so keep sharing !

And if you would really like to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself , drop me a note or book your introductory call here (Book Your Call) !


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