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Leadership and goal setting

Don't make this mistake this year....

First of all, Happy New Year once again to you and your loved ones !!
Hope you have had a chance to take a break and enjoy the onset of 2023 with your near and dear ones
And I know that by this time around, the grind of work would have already taken over :( 
Business planning, goal-setting etc 

And therein lies a big problem
You see….
Most of the time, we focus on what we need to DO as a leader ( or as a team )
Goals and actions
The DOING part
But guess what ?
As a leader, you need to figure out something else first
Something very core, very foundational
And that is…
Who do you want to BE as a leader ?
Your BEING part
Most leaders make the mistake of putting doing before being
This approach does not answer the fundamental question of why you are doing certain things

Where are you headed for ? 
You see....
Goals and actions are a means, but not the end themselves
So this year, try something new....
Take a pause, step back and reflect
And ask yourself this question – Who do I want to be in 2023 ?
This is relevant in both personal and professional context 
How do you want to show in 2023 ? At work and at home ? In your community and social circles ?

What do you want to be known for in 2023 ?
The answer to this question can help you create a strong sense of desire and motivation
It can create a sense of commitment
It can even help create an action plan
But most importantly, this question can help you create alignment
The decisions you make, the actions you take should be in alignment with who you want to BE
Everything you do should align with who you want to be as a leader
For example:
If you want to be a leader who is empathetic and cares for the team, you should think :
What actions do I need to take to become more empathetic? Maybe you need to become a better listener ?
What habits and behaviours do I need to develop to show care and respect for my team ?
What skills do I need to develop ?
What should I do and what should I not do ?
All the above are action-oriented questions - they will create specific action items for you
Similarly, you can examine your personal life and decide:
Who do you want to be as a spouse? As a partner ? As a friend ?
What type of parent do you want to be ? 

And so on....
And then figure out what actions and behaviours will create alignment
You can also ask this questions for your teams as well 


Don’t make the mistake of putting doing before being
Flip the order
Put the being before the doing
Discover who you want to BE
Let that be a powerful guiding force to propel you ahead


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