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Leadership and wellbeing

Is this missing in your life??

It is true that our lives have become more complex and more challenging than ever before - both personally and professionally
Work has become more demanding and intense, irrespective of whether you are working in a corporate environment or you are an entrepreneur
There’s peer pressure, there’s competition, there are deadlines to meet and so on....
There is simply more work and less time, right?
This has impacted our personal lives as well
Personal relationships are more strained – we don’t have enough time to invest and nurture relationships
Social and community engagements seem to be reducing
Exposure to technologies has increased exponentially, with a corresponding reduction in human interactions
Our mental and physical health has also taken a toll, right?
We don’t have time to pursue our hobbies and fuel our intellectual and creative curiosity
Despite all the comforts and convenience which modern life has to offer, the truth is that in most cases, we are less happy and less content
So is it just a question of time? Or is it something more than that?
Time, ofcourse, is key but there’s something more missing in our lives
Something very basic and essential for our happiness and wellbeing
You know what it is?

A sense of balance
What we are truly missing in our lives today is a sense of balance – balance between various dimensions of our lives which make up who we are, which makes us whole and complete
During our childhood days, it was this balance which kept us happy and joyful
When you were a child, you studied, you played, you laughed, you cried….
You had friends, you went to picnics, you danced, you painted….
You were happy. You were joyful
Your life was in balance and in harmony
But as you grew up, life took over. Your responsibilities grew and you slowly started focusing on your career
No one really taught you to continue to maintain that sense of balance with time
In most cases, with the solo focus on building careers and earning, you started losing that balance
And you didn’t even realize it!
First, your physical health starts going for a toss
Then your relationships start suffering, both at home and outside
Over time, your mental wellness starts getting impacted
Slowly and slowly, your life becomes unidimensional and unbalanced
Rings a bell?
So, what’s the solution? What’s the way out?
It’s actually quite simple
Start creating that balance back!
Start adding those missing dimensions back into your life
The question you will now have is - how to really go about it?
How to implement this in a way which is practical and achievable
Let me tell you how:
Step 1
Identify areas of your life which have suffered the most in the last 10-20 years. Which dimensions of your life seem to be out of balance?
Physical health

  • Mental wellbeing
  • Family relationships
  • Friends and social relationships
  • Hobbies
  • Financial wellbeing and so on….

Make it as specific as possible. For example:
Health – You have ignored your health and now you are overweight. You are not physically active. Your blood sugar and blood pressure are on the higher side
Relationships – You have not nurtured your relationship with your spouse/child as much as you would have wanted to. You have taken them for granted. Now, that relationship is strained and there’s very little emotional or physical involvement
Hobbies – You used to sing/dance/paint. Now you don’t. It’s something you would like to, but you just don’t seem to have the time or energy to pursue it
These are just some examples, but what you need to really figure this out for yourself – where in your life you have lost that sense of balance
Step 2
Once you have identified the areas, the next step is to identify a specific action you can take immediately to start restoring that balance e.g.
Health – You will start a 15 minute daily walk routine. You will go for a full-body health checkup
Relationship – You will carve out dedicated time over the weekend to spend with your partner/child/parent etc for a specific activity
Friends – You will call your childhood/school friend, whom you have drifted apart with time
Again, these are just simple examples and that’s the whole idea. You need to keep it simple enough to implement immediately without too much planning or effort
Step 3
Once you are able to implement the above, start making it a habit/routine
You need to make sure whatever action you have identified in step 2 becomes a part of your regular life and not just a one-off
Here, you need to watch out for derailers – there will be things which will throw you off, which will appear as challenges and roadblocks
However, you need to be disciplined and determined enough to continue with what you started till it becomes a habit
Step 4
Pick up the next area of your life where you wish to make a change, where you want to restore the balance and repeat the above steps
One last thing:
I want you to understand a key distinction – The perfect balance v/s the right balance
Knowing the complexities of modern life, your intention should not be to get a perfect balance as it used to be before. That may not be possible, with everything else going on in your life
Your aim should be to get just about the right balance – a fine balance, where you are able to energize all the other dimensions of your life to bring back that joy and happiness
This distinction is important to understand, since when we try to aim for perfection, we usually end up doing nothing because perfect state seems almost impossible, hence it deters us from taking action
You may not be able to sing and dance everyday, but you can do it maybe once in a week
You may not be able to spend time with your childhood friends everyday, but you can talk to them regularly and even plan a meetup once in a while
Hope you get my point
So start focusing on those small things which can make your life more fulfilling and multidimensional
Restore that balance back – the right balance
You still have time


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