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7 powerful questions to transform yourself in 2023....

We are almost at the end of 2022 ! It’s difficult to believe it, right !
2023 is just around the corner....
Not that something is dramatically going to change between Dec 31st 2022 and Jan 1st 2023 :)
But still, a new year gives us HOPE
Hope for a better future

It brings in optimism

And it brings in opportunities 

A new year seems to give a new start 

So while you enjoy a much deserved break at year-end, here are 7 powerful questions to reflect upon, as you think ahead of 2023
These questions can help you create a better future for yourself ( and in turn, for people around you ) :
1. Fast forward one year. Imagine its Dec 31st 2023. You are telling yourself “2023 was the best year of my life” 

Describe what happened in 2023 to make it the best year of your life ? Think about different areas of your personal and professional life

The key word is imagine

Most of us think incrementally. We want to improve or get better in small ways

We get constrained by what is possible and what is not. We create our own limitations
This question takes you from that zone of incremental thinking to a zone of infinite possibilities
2. If 2023 is indeed going to be the best year of your life ( as described above), what needs to happen? What actions do you need to take ?
While you have visualised your best year, it's time to make it happen !

Time to get into action mode

Think about small actions

And big actions 

Make a list of things YOU need to do 

Leave the external factors aside - focus on what is under your control and influence

3. What are you willing to risk to make 2023 the best year of your life ?
To move ahead, you have to let go of something
This question helps you get out of your comfort zone and beyond your world of limitations
This also helps you realise the cost you are ready to pay for the possibilities ahead of you


No risk. No gain !
4. What might come in your way ? What challenges lie ahead of you ?
If you know what can derail you, you can plan for it in advance

Not everything might workout the way you wanted it to, but you can put in measures in place

But the first step is to really understand the challenges and potential roadblocks

Make a list of everything that might go wrong and the reasons for same

The next step obviously is to understand how you will prepare yourself to deal with these challenges

5. Now that you know the challenges ahead of you, what can you do to deal with them proactively ?
For everything that you have listed above in question 4, put a corresponding action you can take to mitigate the risk

The key word is proactively

6. What support do you need in 2023 ? Think about both personal and professional areas 
It's time to raise your hand

Ask for help

If you really want to make 2023 the best year of your life, then make sure you have the right support system around you

Don't fly solo


7. How will you hold yourself accountable ? How will you ensure you do what you intend to do ? 
This is probably the most important question

You can dream. You can visualise

You can make a list of action items 

But nothing will change if you don't get into the doing mode

Doing in a consistent and continuous manner

And for that, you need to hold yourself accountable 

Not for anyone else, but for your ownself 

In some cases, having an accountability partner sometime helps

But remember....

Accountability will come from intentionality
If you really want something, you will do everything in your power to make it happen

No one needs to remind you. No one needs to watch over your shoulder

That's it from my side this week
Do take time to reflect on these 7 questions. They will help you prepare a strong success plan for 2023


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