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What is your story ?

How far have you come ?

Recently I found an old photo from my shipping days

This was from 1998

I had been promoted to the rank of a Second Officer

We were taking delivery of a new ship from a shipyard in Korea

We were all decked up for the new ship launch ceremony, which is a big event  - when the ship is delivered from the shipyard into the water

All officers were in spick & span shinning uniforms

In the middle of the ocean, you are on your own

As Captain, you are responsible for the lives of people onboard and millions of dollars of assets you are managing

From real-time decision making to crisis management

From working in resource-constraint environment to managing cross-cultural crew

From chasing off pirates to encountering heavy storms

From fighting fires to conducting search & rescue missions

High seas taught me so much about life and leadership which no MBA, no corporate job can every teach

It was an amazing career !

A large part of who I am today is due to my experience as a sailor

It all began on the high seas

This is what I wanted to talk about today

Sometimes, we worry too much about what we don’t have & what we haven’t achieved in life

We tend to forget how far we have come

We are quick to dismiss our journey and our achievements

We don’t reflect on and celebrate our experiences enough

All your life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, make up who you are today

So no matter who you are and where you are in life today

Don’t forget where the journey began

How far have you come 

Learn to….


Acknowledge and

Honor your experiences

Most importantly, learn to….

Honor and celebrate YOURSELF 

Over to you now

Take some time out

Sit in a quiet corner and reflect on these questions 

What are you most proud of ? 

What have been some of your biggest achievements ?

What makes you carry along ?

Complete the following sentences :

I am most proud of 

What allows me to grow and thrive is my ability to

I will celebrate and honor myself by

Do share your thoughts as you engage in this reflection


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