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One area which many leaders ignore | Harsh Johari Leadership Program

One area which many leaders ignore...

When I was sailing on ships, one of the key skills I learned was voyage planning

Voyage planning is a meticulous exercise and you need to take several factors into account such as :

The weather conditions, ocean currents, fuel capacity, type of cargo, contingency planning

A well planned and executed voyage means safe and timely operations of ships 

One of the activities during voyage planning is to mark NO-GO areas on the navigation chart

As the name implies, these are areas where the ship is NOT supposed to go to avoid any damage

These areas include shallow waters, old shipwrecks, rocks & reefs, areas that have not been surveyed, etc

These NO-GO areas have to be clearly identified, marked & avoided by a safe distance

Why am I telling you this?

Because as a leader, you need to set clear boundaries at the workplace

Your NO-GO areas

What will you say NO to

What is acceptable and what is not

What is negotiable and what is not

These could be related to time, behaviors, privacy, or information

These could be physical, social, or emotional

This is important, yet ignored aspect of self-awareness as a leader

Sometimes, you are not aware of what boundaries to set and how

And other times, you know it, but are afraid or hesitant… what will people think about me, will I still be popular? 

Setting boundaries give you a sense of control and space

It is important for your wellbeing and optimal performance

And it’s not just for you...

It allows people around you to understand how to best work with you

And yes, there is the principle of reciprocity involved...

You need to make sure you honor other people’s boundaries as well

Boundaries are essential elements of building trust and respect

What happens when you don’t set & communicate clear boundaries?

You might end up doing more of what other people want, rather than what you want

Instead of focusing on your priorities, you end up working on other people’s priorities – this can lead to frustration, anxiety, and stress

It can create a lot of misunderstanding and friction at work

More often than not, not setting time boundaries can leave you exhausted and overwhelmed

Obviously, this is also applicable in personal life as well

So here’s something for you to reflect upon 

1) Do you find it difficult to set boundaries for yourself?

2) Are there occasions when you end up saying YES when you should have said NO?

3) In your opinion, what are the most important boundaries to set for yourself?


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