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What are you missing out on ?

What are you NOT paying attention to......

What you might have missed this week…….

Exactly a month back, June 21st, was the International Yoga Day

There was a lot of celebration and engagement globally

People were doing yoga and posting pictures on social media…

All that is fine, I guess

But something very significant also occurs on June 21st, which many of you must have missed

June 21st is the summer summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere

This is the longest day ( most hours of daylight ) in the Northern Hemisphere and 

shortest day ( least hours of daylight ) in the Southern Hemisphere

This is a part of Earth’s natural rotation on its axis and it’s exposure to the sun

On this day, the Earth’s North pole is pointing more directly towards the Sun and the Northern Hemisphere gets maximum sunlight, maximum energy from the sun

This might seem to be an irrelevant fact, but in many cultures, this is a significant time of the year, celebrated with festivals, rituals and mid-summer holidays

Infact, when I was sailing on ships, this knowledge Earth’s rotation and changing seasons was very important

As a ship sails and changes latitude, Earth’s rotation impacts day and night navigation and ship’s operations

Anyways, back to June 21st and the summer solstice..

There was so much focus on International Yoga day, that many of you must have missed this out

Infact, later on, I came to know that June 21st was also the International Music Day

This happens in life as well…

Sometimes, something significant is happening in our lives, but we completely miss it

It could be something small, but significant…

You are too busy, looking the other way around

You meet someone, you have an experience


You are too distracted by something else and you completely miss out

It’s right in front of you

But your focus is somewhere else

Rings a bell ?

Has it happened with you ?

So here’s my invitation to you

Take a pause

Take a few deep breaths

And reflect

What are you missing out on TODAY ?

Complete this sentence :

In my life, I am NOT paying attention to………..

And see what comes up for you

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so do keep writing !

Till then

Stay safe and stay healthy




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