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Leadership and success

Do this before 2022 ends….

Imagine you are participating in a team relay race - 4 x 100 metres
4 members in your team, each covering a distance of 100 metres 

You are the second athlete in the relay
The first athlete who starts the relay race is usually called the anchor

Your team depends on the anchor to provide a good start to the team

More importantly, you depend on the anchor to provide you a good lead

Since you are the second athlete in line, you have to pick up from where the anchor hands over 

You still have to run your best, but a good lead can make your life easier, right ?
The race begins....

The anchor has a flying start !!
He is ahead of the competition....

Your team is cheering him all along
You are gearing up to take the baton from him as he nears the 100 metre mark

But suddenly, the anchor starts slowing down just before 100 metres 

Your team loses the lead and competition takes over

You exchange the baton with the anchor, but now you have to run really fast to and have a lot of ground to cover up

It puts additional pressure on you, right ?
Now think of each year as part of a relay – passing from one year to another
Each year, you enter the next leg of the race
2022 to 2023, 2023 to 2024 and so on….
Each previous year acts as the anchor to the next year, just like the anchor in the relay race
Each year, you should give yourself a good head start, a good leverage to begin
The question do you do that ?

How can you ensure that you start 2023 strong?
By finishing 2022 on a strong note !!
That’s where most of us make a mistake during the year-end
We lose focus
We lose energy

We lose momentum
We postpone things to pick up in the new year, right ?
And then we take time to build up the momentum in the next year
So here’s my advice to you:
While you slow down and relax, while you head for a much-needed and much-deserved break
Think of how you can finish 2022 on a strong note
That will provide you with a solid foundation for 2023

The next question you might have is :
How to go about it ?
How will you finish 2022 strong ?
Here’s what you should do :
Examine different areas from your personal and professional life – things at workplace, relationships, health, family, wealth etc
Look at things which you can close out ( or new things you can start ) before 2022 ends. Here are pointers :
..Any project, any initiative which you can complete
..What are some things you have been procrastinating?
..What are some of the pending conversations which you can have before the year-end?
..Is there something new you can initiate (and not wait for the new year to kick-off)?
..What new year resolutions do you have in mind? Start them now!
Take some time out to think about the above points and then complete this statement
In order to finish 2022 strong, I will do the following:
2. ______________________________
3.  ______________________________
I would love to know your thoughts, so keep sharing !
And if you would really like to make a strong start in 2023 , drop me a note or book your introductory call here (Book Your Call) !


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