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Leadership and self care

8 permissions to give yourself....

Most of our lives we are waiting for someone to allow us to do something
That is how most of us are born and brought up, right ?
We want someone to approve. We want someone to say it is OK to do things which we truly want to do
And that moment seldom comes….
Consequently, we always put others needs on top of the priority list
And put our own selves, our own priorities right at the bottom
What we truly want, what we truly desire – it is all hidden and suppressed
That needs to change
So here are some permissions to give to your own self
(The way to affirm them is : I give myself permission to…..)
1. Permission to move on
You have stayed too long with your past
It is holding you back from growing and moving ahead in life
Now is the time to release all the old stories about you
It is time to become a NEW YOU
It is time to start over again
2. Permission to receive
Most of us are givers. But we are reluctant to receive
Sometimes, we do not feel that we deserve better
You feel that you are not worthy of it
Nothing can be farther from the truth
You deserve the best
So be open to receiving from the universe with open hands, open mind and an open heart
3. Permission to be messy and imperfect
That is how life is. It is messy. It is imperfect
Then why do you need to be perfect ??
Think about it
Embrace and celebrate your imperfections
4. Permission to say YES
To people, to experiences, to occasions, to things which you truly want in your life
Say YES to things which matter to you
Not what others expect you to do
Say YES to yourself
5. Permission to say NO
Equally important is to give yourself permission to say NO
To things, to people, to experiences which you do not want in your life
You have every right to set boundaries of what is acceptable to you and what is not
When you say NO to something, you are also saying YES to something else

6. Permission to feel
It is perfectly OK to feel the way you are feeling right now
You do not need to suppress your feelings
You do not have to justify your feelings
Feel the way things are. As is

7. Permission to ask for help and support
We all need help and support from time to time. So do you
There are and there will be times when you will struggle
Asking for help can give you a sense of freedom that you do not have to fight your battles alone
Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness
Vulnerability can be your strength
8. Permission to take care
You have always taken care of others – your family, your relatives, your friends, your teams
It is high time you take care of yourself
Slow down and nourish yourself
Self-care is NOT selfish
So today, I am giving you these permissions
The real question is....

Are you ready to give these permissions to yourself ? 

If yes, which permission are you giving yourself today ?

If NO, then what is really holding you back ?

I would be interested to know what came up for you as you read this email
Till then
Stay safe and stay healthy


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