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Success and happiness

Are you happy ??

Recently, I was having a conversation with an old colleague of mine
And during that conversation. I asked her a casual question
“Are you happy ?” 
She said "Yes I am" with a sense of hesitation
"I have a good job. I have a nice family. I earn good money" She continued 
You see....
She immediately started explaining to me why she was happy, even though I had not asked her
And this is what happens with most of us when some asks us this question "Are you happy?" 
We either pretend to be happy or we start explaining or justifying our happiness to others

Deep down, deep inside you truly know whether you are happy or not
So it is never about justifying to others, it is more about justifying your current state to your own self

Telling yourself why you should be happy or why others should see that you are happy
But I would say it is more about acknowledging and accepting your current state

You truly know what is really missing in your life, right ?
Now some people define happiness as a state of mind
Some define happiness as a choice
Some make happiness conditional...
..If I achieve something, then I will be happy 
..If I have more money, than I will be happy 
..If I have a better job, then I will be happy and so on....
Now it does not really matter how you define happiness 
The fact of the matter is that "Are you happy?" is a binary question
You are either happy or you are not. Period

Of course, you can break this question looking at different areas of your life – you career, your relationships, your health etc
You may say that you are happy in some areas of your life and not in others 
For example, you may be happy with your work, but your relationship might suck
Or you could have a great social life, but you are in a dead-end job with no future prospects
Or you could have all the money in the world, but no friends at all

And so on....
Either ways, when you zoom out and look at your life holistically, it is still a binary question
Are you happy ?
Now you can be in denial mode or start explaining yourself why you should be happy
You can be brutally honest with yourself and have the courage to acknowledge what is really missing in your life 
And then, take a step forward to work in that area
The choice is yours
So here is your weekly reflection :

1) Are you happy or not ? Be honest and candid when reflecting on this question

2) If YES, what makes you happy ? How can you have more of the same in life ?
3) If NO, what is making you unhappy ? What is really missing in your life ?

4) How long has it been like this ? What is stopping you from making a change in life ?

5) What can you do more of ? What should you do less of to be happier in life ?


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