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5 lists to accelerate your personal growth

Most of us are in the habit of making a list of things to do, right?
It could be a list of pending activities at work or things to complete before going on a family vacation
Making a list helps us keep a track and ensure nothing is missed out
As an extension of that habit, here are 5 lists you should definitely make to help you become more self-aware, productive, goal and action-oriented (some of these I have discussed previously, but worth recapping and others are new additions)
Just the act of sitting down, thinking through and making these lists will get you so much clarity of what you really want, how you want to show up in your personal and professional lives, how you want to approach your relationships and how you want to prioritize work
Here you go:
1. No-to-do list
When you want to cut-out distractions, this is a great list to make. Things which you will NOT DO
All of us are in the habit of creating a TO-DO list, right?
And that list never ends – it keeps on increasing day by day, correct?
So instead of creating a TO-DO list, first create a NOT-TO-DO list. This list also helps you set boundaries, enforce discipline and create space
2. Come-what-may list
This is the list of things you can commit to doing, come what may. In other words, these are things you will do, no matter what happens
This is a great list as it helps you narrow your focus to a few goals or activities to which you can truly commit to - where you will have no excuses, no distractions, no need for anyone to motivate you and no need of any reminders
3. Negotiables and non-negotiable list
This is a great list to make to set your boundaries - be it at work or in a personal relationship
What are you willing to accept and what are you NOT willing to accept
What behaviors or actions of others are OK with you and what are NOT OK with you
Just getting this clarity can help you realize where you are in a relationship, what you have been tolerating till now and where you really need to draw line

Once you have this clarity, you need to communicate to respective stakeholders or people around you
4. Failure list
Before embarking on a new project at work or a new personal quest, make this list - why you might fail
Make a list of the things which might lead to failure - think of every possible reason and then, prepare an action plan to deal with each of the reasons
You can use the same concept for a team project and ask your team to discuss and make this list
When on a personal mission, this list can help you identify what might come in your way and stop you from achieving your goals
5. Success list
When you have too much on your plate or you want to improve your focus, make a success list
For example, if you want to prioritize work, you can make a list of 2-3 things, which if completed, will make your day/week successful
Once identified, you can then direct your time and energy towards these things first
Similarly, you can extend it to your team - success as a team would mean us completing a few things. What are they?
Infact, you can ask yourself this question everyday - What 1-2 things if I am able to achieve today will make my day successful?

One last thing:

Making these lists is the first step. Actually implementing them in real life is where the rubber will meet the road - that's where you will see some results on the ground

So make sure that you do take action at the back of them

And you don't have to do all these at the same time. Create one of these lists and put them in practice. Then move on to the next

Do share your feedback when you implement one of these and whether it helped you in some way or not


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