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What type of leader are you ?

Are you an “ALL-IN” type of a leader ?

During my sailing days, voyage planning was one of my core duties as a navigation officer

One of the things we used to do was to mark the “Point of No Return (PONR)” on the navigation chart, when a ship is about to enter an important leg of a voyage

Point of No Return is that place after which the ship is “committed” to proceed on voyage

Once you cross this, it is not possible to retrace the original track due to various factors such as insufficient water depth

PONR is also a technical term used in air navigation, implying the point on a flight beyond which, an aircraft cannot return to the airbase from which it took off. It is committed to the flight

Why am I telling you this ?

Because this is also applicable to the practice of leadership, especially when you are driving a change or fighting for a cause

The Point of No Return (PONR) signifies a moment beyond which, THERE’S NO LOOKING BACK

You are 110% committed to the cause, come what may

It’s like an imaginary line you need to cross, and once you have crossed it, YOU ARE ALL IN


Crossing the PONR can help build momentum

It can motivate and bring your teams together to push for the cause

The problem today is..

Many leaders don’t push and challenge themselves or their teams to reach this PONR

You play safe, you don’t take chances

That’s because on this side of PONR, there’s nothing to lose. There’s comfort and safety

But once you cross the PONR, there’s a lot at stake - your credibility, your word, your reputation

That’s why you prefer to play safe

Crossing the PONR needs courage and a strong sense of belief

It needs you to make powerful decisions and declare your intentions

Over to you 

What prevents you from crossing the PONR ?

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