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Challenges of a high performing leader

Challenges of a high performing leader

Last weekend, I had a coaching session with a client

She is what you would refer as a High Performer

A high achiever, a highly ambitious leader

She has an exceptional track record of professional success

She’s at the top of her game

People around her admire her.  They look up to her

Infact, many secretly want a life just like hers !

But her biggest challenge as a high performer…

Things come so naturally, so effortlessly to her, that sometimes, she feels that she is not really doing much

She is so good in what she does that sometimes, she even feels lazy !

She doesn’t see herself the way others see her

So much so that she is quick to dismiss herself “Am I really good enough ?”

It starts creating self-doubt in her mind “Do I really deserve this success ?”

She finds it easy to talk about others, but find it difficult to talk about her own self

And yes…

She is the biggest critic of her own self

She pulls her

She set her bar really high

And whenever she is not able to achieve it, she beats herself up for not meeting her own high standards

It’s so ironically, isn’t it ?

But despite all this, the fact is that…

She does things differently. She thinks differently

She might just do a few things, but those are the things which create the most impact

That’s how she sets herself apart

She is actually in her own lane

Her own zone of genius

That’s just who she is

And no one else can be like her !


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