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What are you holding onto ?

Personal Transformation and Airlines - What's the connection ??

Imagine that you are traveling for your dream vacation
You have been planning and saving for this vacation for sometime now
You reach the airport very excited and go straight to the check-in counter
The airline staff tells you that you have excess baggage and you need to pay excess baggage charges
You ask "How much ?"
The staff calculates and shows you a number. A really high number
You are shocked !!
You obviously have no intention to pay those charges and you start arguing with the staff
The issue escalates and the airline supervisor manager is called
You are categorically told “Either you pay the charges or you leave some luggage behind
If you pay the excess baggage charges, it will eat into your vacation budget
If you do not want to pay the charges, then you have to ditch your excess baggage
What will you do ?
If carrying that baggage is important and serving a purpose, you will pay the charges, else you will ditch the excess weight, right ?
This is what happens in life as well – personal as well as professional
Whether you are a successful business leader, a working professional or an entrepreneur – it does not really matter
Sometimes, we hold onto things way too long
We hold onto....

..Past experiences
..Old habits
..Ways of thinking
We do not want to let go of them
And in the bargain, we end up paying a huge price
Price in terms of lost opportunities for personal and professional growth
And it is not just you - people around you also pay the price, directly and indirectly
..Your teams and your business
..Your family and friends
This is true at organizational level as well

When you hold onto your culture too strongly and are not ready to change, you may become obsolete and irrelevant in no time

We have seen enough examples of that happening around, right ?

Now whether you consider this at an individual level or organizational level, what you fail to realize is that....

Your beliefs, your way of thinking and working might have worked in the past, but may no longer be relevant in the future
But because it has been a part of you for long, you do not want to let go
Letting go creates fear, worry, uncertainty and anxiety - right ?
But what you also fail to realize is that....
When you rise
When you move ahead in life
You have to leave something behind
In other words - IF you want to rise, IF you want to move ahead....
You have to leave something behind
That is just how it works. Period
And it is not just about your style of working or thinking

Sometimes, there may be people, environments or experiences which might be holding you back
And prevent you from growing, from expanding

So the choice is yours
Do you want to ditch that excess baggage and travel light OR do you want to pay the price of carrying excess baggage ?
So here is my invitation to you this week :
Take some time to reflect on the following questions. These are really powerful questions and I need you to pause and think about them. I have seen my clients create massive breakthroughs with them :
1) What are you NOT willing to let go ? What is it costing you ?

2) What are you holding onto, despite knowing the fact that it is slowing you down ?

3) What would be possible, if you can let go ?


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