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Meeting goals

Stop doing this !!

Suppose you have to be in office by 9 am everyday
You leave home around 8 am everyday and take the same route
And everyday, you get stuck in traffic and arrive late to work!!
Now the interesting thing is that you genuinely want to be on time. You don't want to be late

So where are you going wrong ?
You are taking the same set of actions, expecting a different result
You are leaving at the same time, taking the same route
Infact, you actually know you will get stuck in traffic
This seems to be so elementary and fundamental, yet most of us fall into this trap all the time
You cannot expect a different result, by taking the same set of actions over and over again. Period
So if you want to arrive on time to work, you have to take a different course of action
You can either leave before 8 am OR You can take a different route
Only then you can expect a different result - only then you can arrive on time
Ofcourse what time to leave, what route to take will be a process of trial and error. A process of learning to find out what will work and what will not
The same holds good for all aspects of your life
If you want different results on a personal or professional front - relationships, career, passion, health, whatever it is....
You have to take different set of actions and stop doing things which have not worked or are not working, else you will continue getting the same results
Same actions, same results
Different actions, Different results
If it seems so simple, then why are we not able to follow it? 
Well, there could be many reasons such as :
..You don't know what different action to take

..You have been taking a set of actions for so long that it has become your habit, and it is difficult to change habits

..Since the outcome of a new set of actions is not known, you don't want to take a risk

..You are ok to tolerate the current situation and hence, ok to maintain the status quo
Whatever your reason might be, the key question is how to actually implement this in real life ?
It's actually quite straightforward. Try the below :
1) Pick an area of your life where you feel something is NOT working currently
2) Identify the set of actions you are currently taking
3) Now take a step back and think - what different action you can take to give you a different result ?
4) Alternatively, identify what set of actions you are NOT taking currently which might be worth trying
5) Finally, start taking those actions !!
6) Make this as an iterative process where you continuously improve and change what you are going till you get the results you want (or atleast you are on track to get the results)

7) If the new set of actions seems too daunting, pick up the smallest action and make a new beginning


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