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Why successful leaders might end up failing ?

Your success can be one of the biggest causes of your failure….

A few weeks back, I had a discovery call with the CEO of a mid-sized organization

He is a highly successful leader, doing extremely well in his role

His company board felt that coaching could really help him scale up, deliver greater impact and develop a global mindset. Hence, we got connected

Now the interesting part was that he did not feel the need of coaching

He believed that he was already very successful, doing everything right

He was delivering results – revenue was increasing, clients were happy

He believed that he was operating at his peak, so was skeptical about getting coached and how will it benefit him

His board actually felt that he had a lot more potential to lead the company towards greater success

This is a common pitfall of being a highly successful leader

Your success can sometimes blindside you to the fact that you might actually be underperforming

It’s hard to comprehend, but it is very much possible that you might be performing way below your TRUE POTENTIAL

And ironically, you may not even know what is your true potential which remains untapped 

Success itself can create so many other challenges for you, which you might not even be aware of

For example, once you reach a certain level, unconsciously, you enter your own comfort zone 

You stop pushing yourself further

You stop challenging yourself

Which leads to complacency and potentially, a company and teams that aren’t performing as well as they should

Another challenge is that the more senior and successful you are, the more YES people you will have around you

There will be fewer people around you who will stand up, question and challenge you

And when you don’t get challenged enough, you start believing that whatever you are thinking or doing is right

Driven by past success, you unconsciously develop a fixed mindset and belief systems, which you assume will hold good in all circumstances

So whatever has made you successful so far, might also be holding you back now

This is why you need to be challenged from time to time, so that….

You can develop fresh thinking and new perspectives

You can really step up your game

Create 100x impact

Create new possibilities where none exist today

So if you believe that you are a highly successful leader, here’s something for you to reflect upon :

Are you even aware of your true potential ?

If it possible that you might be underperforming, despite your success ? 

Is your success coming in your way ?


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