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Leadership Coaching and Scuba Diving

Leadership Coaching and Scuba Diving

Imagine that you are a shallow water scuba diving instructor

You are taking your students for their final diving class

You put up the gear, you give the instructions…

And you dive with the group

10 feet...

20 feet...

30 feet...

30 feet was the depth you had in mind for the class

But since it’s the last class, your students want to go deeper

You oblige

You go further deep

40 feet...

50 feet...

You reach 60 feet!!

That’s the maximum you have gone personally as a diver and as an instructor

But your students want more

They are enjoying the experience

They urge you to go deeper

You are in a dilemma….

“Should I take them deeper even though I have never gone that deep?”

Your students insist

They are ready to take the chance

Can you take them really that deeper?

Hell NO!!

You cannot take them deeper


Because you have not experienced those depths yourself

You don’t know the water pressure at those depths

You don’t know how rapidly oxygen will get depleted at those depths

So you say NO!!

And don’t worry. You did the right thing!

This is true when it comes to managing teams as well

A great leader always coaches the team members to help them grow and succeed

However, real transformation happens only when you can coach your teams deep enough...

..Deep enough to help them shift mindsets, beliefs, thinking patterns

But you cannot coach your teams deep enough, if YOU have not been coached powerfully

Just like the scuba instructor, who cannot take students to depths where he/she has not gone before

This is a very important distinction in leadership coaching.

Infact, my own journey into coaching began when I had the opportunity to work with my own coach during my corporate career

I saw the massive difference and transformation it made in the way I operated

So I continue to receive coaching even today. I regularly leverage a mastermind group of global coaches, where we support each other in a small community

Anyways, back to you...

So if you want to be a coach for your team…a powerful coach

..Get coached first

..Be ready to go deep inside yourself first

..Discover yourself first, before you can help other discover themselves.


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