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7 reasons why you DON'T need a coach

"Why do I need a coach ?"
"How can coaching help me?"
I get asked these questions frequently as part of my coaching practice
And all of these are genuine questions, especially from someone who has not heard of coaching before
Forget about others – I myself was not aware of what coaching is all about up until 2015
I had heard about coaching in the context of sports, but not in the context of leadership and personal development
In 2015, for the first time, I got the opportunity to work with an executive coach
And that completely transformed the way I showed up at work
That was also a big reason why I got drawn into the world of coaching as a profession
Anyways, back to the topic for today....  
So instead of answering the question "Why do you need a coach ?", let's understand the main reasons why you DON’T need a coach
Now you might wonder.... 

Being a coach, why am I talking about reasons for not needing a coach ?
It’s simple....
Because the same reasons why you don’t need a coach are also the reasons why you might need a coach
So here are the 7 reasons why you DON'T need a coach :
1. You want to figure out everything on your own OR

You believe that you can figure out everything on your own
Nothing wrong in that approach. It’s totally fine to take charge and be on your own
Just two things to be careful about :
One – The amount of time you will spend on your own to figure things out

And in most cases, that time will be significantly high and will come at a cost to you
Two – You need to have a very high degree of personal accountability

When you are on your own, who is really holding you accountable ? How do you ensure you do what you commit to ?
So always consider the value of your time and accountability into consideration
2. You don’t believe in investing in yourself

You don’t make personal growth a priority
This for me is a big reason for people not investing in coaching ( or any other form of personal development )
It's not that you don’t have the money

You are investing in things all the time - except on your own self
You have a budget for almost everything – buying a car, going for a vacation and so on
But you never have a separate budget for investing in yourself, right ?
At times, this is because you feel you don’t deserve it or you are not worthy of it
Sometimes, it is because you keep pushing your priorities on a backburner
Whatever the reason is, do keep in mind the cost you might already be paying
3. You are happy and content wherever you are in life OR
Maybe you are not happy, but you are OK the way your life is
If you are happy, then I am happy for you as well :)
However, deep inside, only you know the truth, right ?
And if you feel that you deserve better, you deserve more, then what’s really holding you back ?
4. You don’t have big dreams or a big vision

You don’t want to play BIG. You don’t want to create a big impact in this world
Again, everybody need not have big dreams
And that’s totally fine - nothing really wrong as such
But take a step back and think : 

Was there a time when you had a big dream, but you have gradually pushed it into the shadows ?
Are you afraid of chasing your big dream ?
Are you afraid of what people might think or say ?
5. You have reached your maximum potential

You believe that there’s nothing else to achieve in life, either personally or professionally
I actually don’t subscribe to this view, as I truly believe that all of us are born with infinite potential
And most of us don’t even know what we are truly capable of..
You are limited by your own beliefs about yourself
How do you even know what your true potential is ?
How did you arrive at the conclusion that there is nothing much to achieve ?
But obviously, if you still feel that you have maximised your potential, then a coach might not be of much help
6. You have absolutely clarity of what you want and have an action plan in place to achieve it
The truth is that most people are confused about what they want – what they really want
And even if you know what you want, sometimes, you don’t know how to go about it
But if you are someone who knows what they want and how to get it, then just go for it ! 
7. You are highly committed, confident and motivated
You don't have any self-doubts, limiting beliefs and fears
You don't procrastinate
If you are in this space, congratulations to you ! You don’t need a coach !!
But in my coaching experience, I have seen that these are some common challenges people face
You end up lacking commitment or your motivation wanes
Your beliefs and fears hold you back
You start things but are not able to sustain, right ?
So these are the top 7 reasons why you DON'T need a coach
Ofcourse, as I said earlier, these are also the top 7 reasons why you may want to consider working with a coach
That's it from my side this week

Time for your weekly reflection :
1) When you are aiming for a goal, how do you hold yourself accountable ?
2) Do you believe that you deserve better ?
3) If the answer to the above question is YES, what does "better" look like ? If NO, why do you feel that way ?
4) What’s really holding you back from dreaming big and bold ?
5) What’s your big dream about which you have NOT spoken to anyone till now ?
6) Are you truly aware of your real potential ? If you were to perform at your true potential, what will it allow you to achieve ?
7) What are some of the beliefs you have about yourself which are coming in your way ?


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