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Leadership and the practice of Nothingness

I did nothing !

When was the last time you said this ?

More importantly, when did you last experience this feeling of “not doing anything” as a leader ?

Our lives are way busier than ever before, especially in these uncertain & volatile times

You are always on the go

You are always plugged in

Even when you go to bed, you are already battling thoughts about the next day’s agenda

You hardly get time to stop & pause, right?

In most cultures and societies, doing nothing is considered a waste of time

It’s like you not supposed to stop and be idle

Most people believe that “doing nothing” is a sort of weakness. It’s considered a stigma

They constantly feel the need to be busy

But the truth is….

“Nothingness” can be a powerful practice to develop as a leader

To unplug

To let go

To be with your own self

Nothingness is not the same as taking breaks from work

When you take breaks, you end up engaging in some other activity for leisure, so you are not really idle

But doing nothing really means just that…you do nothing

You allow yourself to discharge, before you recharge

You switch off

Now for some of you, doing nothing might create a fear…a fear of loss of control or a fear that what will other people say if they found you doing nothing 

But surprisingly, nothingness can sometimes give you more control over with your emotions, thoughts & feelings

It creates space & freedom

It can raise your self-awareness and can create clarity & direction

But “doing nothing” is not as easy as it may seem, as you are probably conditioned to be in action all the time

It is a very conscious & deliberate practice in mindfulness…

To be silent

To be still

To be present in the moment – physically, emotionally and mentally

So here’s something for you to reflect upon

  1. When was the last time you really did nothing ? How did it make you feel ?
  2. How can you create time & space for nothingness as a practice ?

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