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Women Leadership Programs

One of the biggest problems with women leadership programs

Last week, I had a meeting with the D&I head of a company

We were discussing about a potential program on women leadership

She shared with me a presentation and said “These are the core competencies we want to focus on”

“Sure, but do you think that is enough ?” I asked her

She was curious “What do you mean ?”

Now this is not uncommon..

There is a lot of focus on skill and competency development, on networking, on mentoring etc

Which is all fine, I guess

But the main challenge is NOT around skill development

Skills can be developed with proper training and practice

What these programs fall short of addressing is…


That, in my opinion, is biggest area which remains unaddressed


Negative self-beliefs

Negative self-talk

Personal fears

Fixed mindset

Comfort zone

These are things which really hold you back from achieving your true potential as a leader

These prevent you from playing full out

Ofcourse, this is not a gender specific issue as such

In my experience of coaching, I know for sure that if you don’t focus on mindsets and beliefs, no matter what skills you develop, no matter how much you network, it can still lead to…

Lack of conviction

Lack of motivation                                       

Lack of commitment

Lack of confidence

That’s why when I was designing my “Compass LeadHERship Program” for women leaders, I made sure that it focuses both on essential skills and mindsets, so that you can show up powerfully and play full out

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